THE HAPPY HIRE is a duly registered partnership licensed to operate trade and conduct business mainly photobooth hire. With an ABN 30181781968. We also have projector system and photobooth packages to cater to your needs at very affordable and reasonable price.
To us, ambiance is just as important as sound quality. At The Happy Hire, we work with you to achieve the optimum balance of lights and sound equipment to make your event a stunning audio-visual experience.
The company was  first founded in the Philippines in the year 1980 offering rental services and now offering Photo booth hire and DJ hire in Sydney!
For many years, HAPPY HIRE have provided quality services for various types of events. Even before, when the business was just starting, it has always been our goal to achieve an outstanding quality service for all our projects, regardless of the scale of the project and price.
As a reputable company, The Happy Hire aims to continually provide quality service to every client through the convergence of abiding to the standards, high-proficiency equipment used in the world market.

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