EDL STARCAPTURE is a rental company that prides itself on a premium service at every level. This attention to detail and ëcan-doí attitude has helped us establish a reputation in the Philippines for over 30 years in the event industry and has seen us gain repeat business and build strong relationships with every client and  co-ordinators.

Before that, you may need to consider these two things to if you are going to franchise a business in an entertainment industry like this.

When you know that a rental business can be a tough one, you surely would think that it is not a good idea to have a rental franchise. However, there are still those rental businesses that actually have worked out well enough to gain a great amount of profit.

These rental businesses are usually those that are already known to people as some of the best entertainers.
If you are planning to have a lights and sounds rental and photobooth hire franchise:

  1. Make sure that the business that you are going to franchise is one of the best among all entertainers. You cannot just simply franchise a  business without knowing how good it is or how people demand that particular business. But if you have franchised a good one, then there would not be a lot of problems to worry about at all.
  2. Of course, you will have to consider your interest level, whether you really like entertaining people with music and cameras. It is about knowing the type of music that a person wants, and about putting the right melody at the right time to entertain the crowd and trendy methods on capturing a photoshoot. Knowing the interest level can help you manage and understand more about the business. Another thing to remember is to know what the requirements in franchising this business are. This can then help you prepare in franchising the business. Last important thing to remember is to finalize the franchise.
  3. Confirm the location where you will have the franchise, then the people that you will hire must be fit with the job. These are just basic things that you must know when franchising a business, specifically a DJ franchise. Knowing these can help your franchise to be a successful one.

We are now embarking on advertising campaign to gain momentum for this brilliant piece of entertainment and to educate Australians on the existence of lights and soundsystem rental and photobooth hire. With a business like this you can work part time on the weekends, make it your full time job, work from home, man the booth yourself, hire attendant staff to man the booth.  You can create the business that suits your needs & to create the lifestyle you want. Make the wise decision with your investment by taking the right path. Thousands have succeeded in this world of industry. Now you can succeed with us too. If you're willing to work hard you can create the lifestyle you want from a business opportunity like this.

We can help each other outÖCurrently we are looking for potential franchisees who will continue on this journey with us, help to grow EDL STARCAPTURE's brand and find success in their own Lights and Sounds rental and Photobooth hire.

We are building an established network of quality technical operators that are there to help each other.  Forwarding queries to each other, helping out with ideas or issues and that are there to count on when you need some help.

We want awesome individuals and groups to join our network so if you are interested please give us call to discuss this opportunity.  Besides there's no harm in trying or calling us.  

If you would love to join the this entertaining industry and would love to be a part of our lights and sounds and Photobooth team,

please give us a call or fill up this form below and we'd love to hear from you!

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