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STAR CAPTURE PHOTOBOOTH is a state-of-the-art commercial photographic  and graphics company that specializes in providing on-site shoot-and-print services (using  mobile photo booth box) to events like weddings, debuts, kiddie parties, school  activities ,corporate events, and lot more.


It is the creation of EDL Lights and Sounds that was founded first in the Philippines now being offered here in Sydney.  We've been industry for over 30 years, we have seen the need for some serious laughs, fun, and entertainment at wedding receptions, birthdays and different events that surpass the old disposable cameras on tables or the event photographer doing the table rounds with the combination of fascinating music.

As the consumer awareness for event photobooths grow, we expect our sales to increase. With a big market protential and demand, EDL STAR CAPTURE ventures into expansion to reach every business-minded people, by opening its door to supply you a made to order world class Photobooth Box that you can actually own without franchising the business. That's correct! you heard it right.

By simply availing our OWN-A-BOOTH product you can start your OWN photobooth business under your desired registered name. With it's very affordable price, anyone who wishes to be the OWN BOSS in his own company and be successful someday can join this trendy fast growing business just only for $15k grand gst excluded.

Here are the included for the OWN-A-BOOTH package:

1 Portable Photobooth and collapsible box       

1 studio camera light flash and lamp

1 Brand New Canon DSLR Camera with warranty

1 Brand New Selphy Canon Printer with warranty or 1 Brand New Laptop, with webcam and warranty.

1 Box of Ink & Paper (Set High Quality Photo Paper)

1 Speaker Amplifier

2 Speaker mid-high range

2 Tridents for Backdrop

Trendy Props & Accessories (shades, hats, wigs..etc.)

Maleta or Trolley


  1. Training & Tutorial, All you need to know about this business!
  2. Training & tutorial on how to use photo booth software/settings
  3. How to use and proper setting of camera
  4. Physical connection of camera to live view to laptop to printer with remote control button
  5. Registered Software CD
  6. Positioning, Focusing of Camera to the Backdrop
  7. How to Set-up the Photo booth 
  8. How to make personalized templates & backdrops in adobe photoshop
  9. How to make Customized Live View function (see yourself like a mirror)
  10. Photo Booth Settings (Set the timer, number of shots you want, number of print outs you want, countdown, timer, seconds to preview every shots
  11. All questions will be readily answered.
  12. All you need to know on how to run the business!
  14. BE YOUR OWN BOSS!!! only for $15k grand.


1. Ink   2.Mid-Hi-Speaker
3.Photopaper   4.Photopaper2
5.Props   6.Strobe-Light-Studio
7.Tridends-and-Backdrops   8.Trolley


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