Speaker Box Assembly

Have you been wondering having a custom box speaker the blows off your head? Dreaming of putting a massive power of sounds in your room, area, or maybe putting it into a hobby business? Looking for someone that is able to provide you all the things you needed and the details when it comes to speaker box assembly? Then, you've come to the right place! In here, we design and fabricate unto it's finish product from layouting, carpentry, coating fiber glass of chopped strand, painting, assembling, matching, installing, fitting, testing and proofing. Hardcore speaker hobbyists take delight in figuring all this out for themselves, designing and building the crossovers and enclosures from scratch to see what comes out. If that's your leaning, Parts Express is a well-stocked and reliable source for speaker builders and a good place to start. 

INSIDE YOUR SPEAKER (Reference Picture Only)


How a few well-matched components make beautiful music together? At its core a loudspeaker is a surprisingly simple device. The key elements are the drivers, crossovers and the cabinet. The cone or dome drivers are transducers that transform the electrical signal into the physical movement of air (i.e., sound). Crossovers act as an electrical filter to split the signal and direct the portions of the audio-frequency range to the drivers best equipped to handle them. But coaxing rich and beautiful sound out of these elements requires a bit of harmonic alchemy.  Every decision you make--from the combination of drivers and crossovers to the material you use to build the cabinet--influences the performance and character of your speakers. So, if you are interested of having one, please don't hesitate to give us a call for all your questions will be ready to answer. We assemble different types of speaker boxes according to your preferences, taste and design.


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