DJ Hire: Budget Pack
A variety of effects lights and the latest colour laser combine to make a stunning lighting design. If you want to put on a light show that will blow your guests away then the budget pack is for you supported by two dedicated active monitor speakers to enhance mid-hi frequencies generally.
Ideal for small events such as corporate meeting, small venue events, simple birthday celebration, weddings, etc.
Package contains 4 hour rental includes:
01.   2 Units  Powered Behringer Speakers (Mid&Hi)
02.   1 Units Macbook pro
03. 1 Units   SM-58 Wired Microphone Shure
04.   2 Units   Speaker Tripod
05.   1  Unit     Numark Pro DJ Player
06.   1 Box     Wires and accesories
07.   1 Unit    Laser Lightbeam (green)
* Please call on 0448 999 003 for date availability.


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