DJ Hire: Social Deluxe Pack
A wide selection of lighting effects, moving head, high output fogger and the latest colour laser combine to make a stunning lighting design. If you want to put on a light show that will blow your guests away then the social deluxe is for you and surely break the ice of your event with the large ‘club’ style system with active 18 inch full range speakers, supported by two dedicated active monitor speakers to enhance mid-hi frequencies generally.
Ideal for outdoors, school events, trade shows, medium crowd, grand-ball, Prom-night, small stage festival gigs or corporate events.
  01.     4    Units  Behringer 15” Speakers (Mid&Hi)
  02.     4    Units  Sub-scope 18”  RCF 2400 watts (Bass)
  03.     1    Unit  Moving head
  04.     1     Unit  Laser Light (Duo-colour)
  05.     1     Unit  Smoke fogger
  06.     1     Unit  Macbook pro 
  07.     1     Unit  Computer Based Dj-scratch vinyl (Technics)
  08.     1    Unit  Dj Mixing console
  09.     8    Units  SM-58 Wired Microphone Shure for drums feed.
  10.     1    Box  Wires and accesories
  11.     1    Set  Lcd Projector and widescreen

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